Many Rivers OI sanghas (MROIS) 2018 Winter Study & Practice Retreat

Starts: Dec 31, 2017 Ends: Mar 31, 2018
Location: Online & Local Sanghas

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One Bodhisattva of Great Compassion is Not Enough:
Cultivating the Five Super Powers of Avalokiteshvara


The primary message of The Lotus Sutra, one of the most beloved sutras in the Mahayana collection of Buddhist teachings, is that each of us can become a Buddha. This was a revolutionary message for practitioners back in the first and second centuries C.E., and it remains a powerful message today. As a Buddha we continue to be a human being. Thay taught that The Lotus Sutra has given us a very great gift, and we can best use it by becoming the arms of the Buddha through our practice in daily life, in Sangha building, and in our work in the world. The Sutra connects us with many bodhisattvas, including Avalokiteshvara, who can help us realize the Sutra’s deepest teachings. For this winter retreat period we will focus our attention on five great powers of Avalokiteshvara (understanding the true nature of reality, purity, great wisdom, compassion, and good will) shared in the Gateway to Everywhere (Universal Door) chapter of The Lotus Sutra. As we cultivate these powers through study, practice and action, we manifest as both a Buddha and a human being— we experience the ultimate and historical dimensions alive together right here and now.

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The primary resources for the retreat can be found online at the Mindfulness Bell archives:

For those who want to go deeper into the Lotus Sutra, I suggest:

Outline of dharma posts:

These posts are humbly offered as a jumping off place for you to explore the teachings and your own aspirations and practice. They include personal insights and reflections from practicing with The Lotus Sutra. May they further encourage you in understanding your own Buddhahood and unique manifestation in the world. Following is a general outline of the dharma posts:

Post One: Introduction
Post Two: Satya—truth
Post Three: Visuddhi vimala—purity
Post Four: Mahaprajna—great wisdom
Post Five: Karuna—compassion
Post Six: Maitri—good will/ loving kindness
Conclusion: Following My Own Bodhisattva Path

Within the posts we will explore familiar and possibly new ways of practicing, so that we may discover together skillful means to cultivate Great Compassion and bring our practice alive as the arms of the Buddha.


Nisi Ségor, True Recollection of Virtues
Supported by Jerry Braza, True Great Response